Where to Turn To Finance Your Dream

When it comes to financial decisions, some might say they hold the most weight in our lives. After all, our choices surrounding money affect our health, our children, our homes, our retirement options, and countless other lifestyle areas. Regardless of undeniable importance, money matters might not come naturally to all of us; many of us might turn to a professional, who holds an education in the field and can advise us better than we might advise ourselves.

WEI Mortgage Corporation, a prominent lending firm established in 2002, offers clients the peace of mind of trustworthy, informed professionals and loan officers. The employees of WEI place the needs of the consumer at the forefront, taking into consideration their fiscal profile and needs before architecting possible lending plans. The group utilizes WEI Information Network (WIN), an innovative loan origination system it architected, which affords easy communication between service and cross-communication. The infrastructure ensures less than 24-hour turnaround on processing, submission, and underwriting—thereby allowing the staff to better serve the individual client.

Established in 2002 in Rockville, Maryland, WEI Mortgage Corporation now serves the 38 U.S. States with products including reverse mortgages, FHA/Government lending programs, and custom fixed rate avenues. Rated A by the Better Business Bureau, WEI Mortgage Corporation holds the 2010 Quality Lender Award and membership with the Mortgage Bankers Association. Additionally, the group stands an accredited organization through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

You can learn more on the company’s official blog.