United Esoterics: Engineering Innovative Systems for the Laboratory Field

United Esoterics is a company boasting of an impeccable track record of constructing, marketing and managing companies in the spheres of clinical laboratory and diagnostic products. The company’s highly skilled professionals have an extensive experience in laboratory health care companies, and as a result, have pioneered several state-of-the-art laboratory solutions such as the instrument-reagent systems for autoimmune, endocrine, thyroid and therapeutic drug and controlled substances assays. The people behind United Esoterics were also the ones behind the thyroid test panels that are now used rampantly in internal medicine practice as well as in family health care.

Furthermore, nearly 50 diagnostic assays have been developed over the years, including its Enzyme Immunoassay and Radioimmunoassay – all of which are FDA-approved. New ingenious and esoteric tests have also been developed recently and were subsequently licensed and launched by the company, paving the way for the success of several businesses in the field of esoteric reference laboratories. As an end result, United Esoterics was able to introduce cutting-edge laboratory technology, billing and compliance systems which are now readily available to health care professionals in various medical fields.