The Minds Behind the Giant

When we consider the corporations that cast large shadows, it may prove difficult to view them as consisting of many different departments and skilled employees wielding various skill sets—but that’s just how they stay at the top! Through the harmonious coordination of separate divisions exploring expansion, the company as a whole effectively maintains its sturdy position at the forefront of industry. Today on consumercase, we look at the man behind a specific division of one of the world’s most celebrated companies: Google.

Torrence Boone, Managing Director of Agency Development in North America, oversees Google’s rapidly growing relationship with the advertising spectrum. Boone assumed leadership of the division in 2010 and maintains close relationships with creative agencies across the continent. In efforts with the firms, Boone and his team work closely to blueprint new products and campaigns within the Google portfolio that suit the needs of a vast variety of companies and products. With an emphasis on the intersection of technology and customization, the personnel directed by Boone secure Google’s role in the evolving marketing arena.

Throughout an impressive career, Torrence garnered mention in a number of major media outlets, among them the New York Times, Reuters, Businessweek, and elsewhere. Recently, he participated in an interview with AdWeek, in which he discussed Google’s relationship with the ad world, collaborations with agencies, and the tools he sees rising to prominence in the months and years to come. He commands a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Before joining Google, Boone garnered 15 years of experience with firms including Digitas Boston, Enfatico, and Bain & Company.