SHI International: Offering World Class Support and IT Solutions

Formerly known as Software House International, SHI International is the only North American LAR to win in nine consecutive years and eleven times overall the award for excellence from Microsoft Operations. The company has presence in Asia, Europe and in North America and has 28 offices in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and in Hong Kong with over 2,000 heads employed worldwide.

The company is known as a global provider of information technology products and solutions. Among the notable products they have are their Cloud Solutions. The company started out as a million dollar business but has grown into a $4 billion enterprise from its founding in 1989. Contrary to how most companies expanded, the business has found its stability and growth through their highly skilled and tenured sales force.

The company remains to be privately held since its founding and has been providing customized IT solutions for every aspect of the environment. They not only offer software products and services but also has an array of hardware items together with their services of configuration, data center optimization, asset management and cloud computing.