Quincy Bioscience: Supporting Brain Health, Improving Lives

A biotechnology firm, Quincy Bioscience focuses on the research and development as well as the commercialization of innovative technologies that support cerebral function and counteract cognitive degenerative disorders such as memory impairment. The firm’s operations revolve around maintaining and improving cognitive health and memory.

Established in the fall of 2004 in the University Research Park of Madison, Wisconsin, Quincy Bioscience was headed by Dr. James R. Moyer, Jr. a leading expert in the area of calcium-mediated cellular processes. Along with his team of exceptional professionals, he broke new ground in the health care industry by introducing apoaequorin, a substance derived from jellyfish, which was discovered to have supportive mechanisms for brain cell health as they undergo normal aging processes.

Quincy Bioscience was the first company ever to have used apoaequorin as a cutting-edge means of supporting brain function. As a result, Dr. Moyer, together with his colleagues, were awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry and dubbed their discovery as one of the most significant tools utilized in modern-day bioscience. Through the team’s revolutionary work, Quincy Bioscience was able to set forth a brand new advancement in the field of cognitive health promotion and maintenance.

To accommodate the rapid growth and development of the company and its operations, Quincy Bioscience transferred from University Research Park to its current headquarters, which is five times larger than its previous facility and adequate enough to house the growing staff and future undertakings. At Quincy Bioscience, everyone is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life of millions if individuals, who are at risk or are already suffering debilitating cognitive disorders, with a special emphasis on preventing and treating age-related conditions.

With its unique vanguard technology, Quincy Bioscience looks forward to a healthier future where ingenious and innovative products can already support brain cell function and improve the lives of people all over the world.