Origen Biomedical: Tailoring Cutting-Edge Products to Fit Client Needs

A privately-held firm based in Austin, Texas, Origen Biomedical, Inc. manufactures medical equipment for the fields of cell biology, orthopedics and respiratory care. Its devices are utilized in a broad selection of medical studies including critical adult and pediatric respiratory medicine, stem cell transplantations and cancer research.

Manned by engineers boasting of over 25 years of experience in several specialty medical devices, Origen Biomedical designs, engineers, manufactures and markets products intended for auxiliary oxygen support through utilization of custom-made perfusion circuits instead of respirators. It also creates specialty bags for cell and tissue culture, stem-cell expansion and long-term freezing. All of the company’s products are specifically suited for cryopreservation and liquid nitrogen direct immersion.

An ISO 13485-certified, CE-marked company, Origen Biomedical has received marketing clearance from the United States’ FDA and is also registered in Canada. It is regularly inspected by ISO certification organizations, government agencies as well as its wide base of clientele. Origen commits its entire operations to creating the most superior-quality products that would improve the health of patients, and providing genuine customer service. It listens to its clients and works with them to create products that will meet all of their needs, as well as their patients’.

Origen Biomedical is not just a mere supplier of state-of-the-art medical devices, it is also a trustworthy partner when it comes to developing innovative solutions that are tailored to the varied needs of the industry. With its highly knowledgeable and skilled engineers and personnel, the company is able to work with its clients in designing and manufacturing products that truly fit in their laboratory standards and practices, and not make them change the ways which they have grown accustomed to through the years. This way, Origen Biomedical can ensure that its customers’ operations will become more effective, efficient and intuitive when providing services to the health care market.