Off the Net, In the Court

In the decades preceding the boom of the Internet and the rapid creation of review sites and blogs, companies and professionals expanded reputations through different types of currency. Their successes dotted the pages of newspapers and publications that arrived at the homes of relevant audiences, and they participated in industry organizations that bolstered their influence and credibility in the eyes of their peers. One man who rose to prominence through these avenues, Theodore H. Friedman, continues to hold acclaim in his field. In 2010, former Supreme Court Justice Donald Sullivan named him “One of the best, if not the best, personal injury trial lawyers New York City” in a piece for the New York Law Journal.

Throughout more than three decades of practice, Harvard Law School graduate Theodore H. Friedman rose to prominence for his efforts as a trial lawyer with a specialty in personal injury. He began his career appearing in court on behalf of injured seamen. After reversing the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals twice in his early 30s, he received a profile in the U. S. Journal and a position with Phillips Nizer, then a leading law firm. Following ten years with the group, Friedman established his own firm and began representing clients including Muhammad Ali and George Scott, as well as the estate of Jimi Hendrix. In addition to reaching victory in a number of highly publicized multi-million dollar cases, he represented the family of a young man afflicted with traumatic brain injury after a car accident and won $50,000,000. Outside of holding recognition for his efforts with clients, Theodore H. Friedman commands repute an educator and held appointments at institutions including Columbia Law School, Hebrew Law School, University of Oxford, and the Practicing Law Institute. These and other achievements shape Friedman’s lasting place in the legal world.

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