Kulicke and Soffa: Still on the Front Lines of Technology

If you consider the micro-technology revolution, you know it was not as much a revolution as an evolution.  It started with transistors, moved on to microchips, and continues to this day.  Kulicke and Soffa has been there all along, designing and building manufacturing equipment for this industry since receiving its first contract for semiconductor products in 1951.

Semi-conductors now make up a $300 billion worldwide market.  This market creates one of the basic components in all electronic products.  Kulicke and Soffa is a leader in the assembly business where they not only make bonding equipment for wires but also supply items such as cutting blades.  These items need constant replacement during manufacturing and create a separate and recurring revenue stream for the company.

The semi-conductor business is extremely cyclical.  Anyone who invests in companies such as Intel or Applied Materials is aware of that.  Usually when this market recovers, it does so on the back of new technology.  This means that any supplier to this field must also be on the cutting edge.  Kulicke and Soffa has answered this call for over sixty years and continues to do so.