Gathering Health Related Data is a Lot More Fun with Tonic Health

Healthcare companies often ask their clients and patients to fill out long and boring forms in order to get their medical information. This allows them to understand a person’s medical history better and it also allows healthcare providers to give their patients better care. Unfortunately, not many people give complete and honest answers in this survey. This is mostly due to the fact that the questionnaires are too long or too technical and they just want to get it over with.

Tonic Health knows what getting complete and accurate answers from patients can do to improve the quality of care that healthcare providers give to their patients, which is why they have come up with an app to help them out. All healthcare companies need to do is to sign up for the service, create a fun, interactive survey and save it to the cloud. Their representatives can then access these surveys through an iPad app and use that to gather information from the patients. The information is then saved onto the patient’s medical records which can be accessed by doctors and other healthcare professionals when needed.

This new piece of technology not only simplifies the process of digitalizing a person’s medical records, it also aids in keeping the patient’s interest while answering the questionnaires.