FUBU: One Man’s Determination to Succeed

As far as inspired clothing lines go, FUBU ranks well on top. Created by Daymond John in 1989 as homage to his rap and hip-hop roots, FUBU is largely considered to stand for “For Us, By Us.” The clothing company sells casual and sportswear, suits, eyewear, belts, accessories and footwear. Daymond John originally started FUBU with a line of tie-top hats he and his friends made in his Queens, New York home. John sold his first hats on a street corner, then when he saw the potential for business, took out a second mortgage on his house to finance the venture.

FUBU took off, and by 1995, Samsung Textiles had taken notice of FUBU and invested in the company, allowing it to grow further to become what is now an international brand. John continued to market the brand through unconventional means, such as spray-painting the brand’s name on metal grates and persuading rappers to wear the products. It was a long climb, but in its 20 years, FUBU has now reaped market recognition and success as FUBU products continue to do well.