Cutco: Making the “World’s Finest Cutlery”

As the Cutco company slogan goes, they make the “world’s finest cutlery,” which is no simple boast. Cutco Corporation makes high-quality cutlery and kitchen accessories, sold primarily through home demos and independent sales representatives made up of college students willing to work. Cutco makes and sells kitchen utensils, sporting, outdoor and kitchen knives, cookware and kitchen accessories such as ice cream scoops, can openers and garlic presses.

Cutco was launched in 1949 as a knife-manufacturing business under the name Aloca & Case Cutlery or Alcas. Alcas then changed its name to Cutco in 2009 to represent its flagship product. With its headquarters in Olean, New York, USA, Cutco is currently run by Jim Stitt, Sr., Erick Laine, Bruce Goodman, Jim Stitt, Jr., John Whelpley and Al DiLeonardo. The company has retail stores in Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Cutco has also practiced corporate responsibility in launching the Cutco Foundation, which helps college students.