Behind the Scenes at Schwed Kahle Jenks, Florida Law Firm

Even the most well-oiled and high-functioning businesses are maintained by people with individual accomplishments, goals, and professional visions. But once a company reaches a certain level of repute, it most often functions on larger principles that may shadow the different cogs at work. Today’s ConsumerCase post focuses on Schwed Kale Jenks, a prominent Florida law firm recognized for accomplishments in business litigation. In addition to maintaining status within the legal community for consistent high performance, Schwed Kahle Jenks supports clients through numerous dedicated, driven attorneys bearing individual accolades.

Owner and founder Lloyd Schwed sets a high standard for the firm and its clients. A graduate of Washington University School of Law, Schwed began making a name in business litigation in the mid 80’s and soon gained recognition for his prowess in areas including professional liability, insurance law, securities arbitration, and appellate practice. Admitted to practice in all districts of Florida as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the eleventh circuit of appeals, he has commanded Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating since 2005. He broke New York Stock Exchange arbitration sector records for his work on the Prudential Securities Inc vs. Painewebber & Co, which yielded a $2.5 million award. In 2012, he received mention as one of the top lawyers in the country by American Lawyer Magazine. At the head of Schwed Kahle Jenks, he and other accomplished attorneys—Debra Jenks, Douglas Kahle, Robert Harvey, Douglas Kress, and Rebecca Brock— consistently satisfy an array of important corporate clientele.

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