Hellbent Games: Because Videogame Fans Are Hell-bent on Their Games

Founded by Christopher Mair in 2006, Hellbent Games has built a reputation for being an innovative videogame developer. Mair was formerly connected with the Barking Dog Studios/Rockstar Vancouver and he took his company’s name from a graffiti on an underpass located below Bridge Street in London. Hellbent Games has its headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia, […]

Lion Biotechnologies: Developing Cancer Immunotherapies

The novelty cancer immunotherapies that are being developed by Lion Biotechnologies are based on on tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). Incorporated in September 2007, the company is registered as a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It is in New York City that the business holds its corporate office. It focuses on the development of adoptive cell therapy (ACT) […]

Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: A Biotechnology Company

Registered as a biotechnology company, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates from its headquarters in La Jolla, California. It was in September 1987 that the business was incorporated. The company continues to produce bottom lines that are capable of generating a strong cash-flow and profits for all of their investors. The business has diversified its assets to […]

Iberiabank Corp: Northeast Louisiana’s 2nd Largest Financial Institution

Lafayette, Louisiana-based Iberiabank Corporation is a financial holding company that was incorporated in November 1994. The company operates as the parent business of Iberiabank, a Louisiana banking corporation. It is known for delivering exceptional financial solutions and unparalleled customer service. Through their expertise in banking, it continues to attract new depositors and retain old accounts. […]

First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc.: A Full-Service Community Bank Holding Company

It was in January 2011 that First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc. was incorporated. The business is registered as a stock holding company and continues to provide its products and services through its wholly owned subsidiary, the Farmington Bank. The bank is a full-service community bank that operates in Connecticut and in Western Massachusetts. The corporate office […]

Connecture, Inc.: A Technology Company

As a technology company, Connecture, Inc. offers advancements that will benefit both governmental and private sectors. The company is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin and continues to engage in providing platforms used for health insurance distribution. Incorporated in July 1999, the company’s offerings include platform for web-based consumer shopping, retention and enrolment of health insurance coverage. […]

Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.: A Community Bank Holding Company

Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. operates as a bank holding company. It is headquartered in Pikeville, Kentucky and conducts its transactions through its wholly owned subsidiary, Community Trust Bank. The company was incorporated in August 1980 and the bank was founded in 1903. The business offers a wide range of financial products and services and maintains […]