ApoCell: Leading the Way in Biomarker Detection and Analysis

Recognized by the industry as one of the frontrunners of biomarker research, ApoCell is a firm that focuses on molecular biomarker identification and analysis in the fields of diabetes, drug development, molecular diagnostics and oncology.

The company utilizes proprietary platforms in isolating and enriching cell populations, putting great emphasis on circulating tumor cells, circulating endothelial cells and stem cells. ApoCell’s cutting edge biomarker technologies has facilitated a more comprehensive understanding of a drug candidate’s pharmacodynamics, allowing decisions to be pondered upon and made earlier. Not only that, the company’s molecular profiling can also simplify patient stratification, increasing the chances for success of clinical trials.

But ApoCell is more than just a supplier of quantitative and qualitative rare cell data, it is also driven by its passion to unearth more information, insights, analysis breadth and depth, which is why the company always strives to consult and work with their clients when it comes to designing customized assays, modifying protocols and pushing platforms that will advance research and accelerate results.

Due to its state-of-the-art technologies and unequaled customer services, ApoCell has been called upon by industry leaders in the academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields, and has underwent massive progress and development since its inception in 2004.