AlphaBoost: The Next Generation Decision Support System for Social Advertising

A new startup called AlphaBoost Inc. has developed a better way to help social advertisers make better decisions on where to place their money. The key is to find a way to communicate with friends, followers, fans and other audiences.

Founded in 2011, AlphaBoost’s consulting service includes a systematic study of how the clients’ past decisions have impacted the present. The results of the study are used to identify which particular decision was a mistake, learn the lessons from it, and eliminate the possibility of repeating the same mistake in the future.

AlphaBoost products are effective in predicting impacts, activating customers, and quantifying the results in its dollar equivalents. The company has developed its expertise in the different facets involved in social advertising and marketing.

With financial backing from some of the world’s top investors such as Scott Kurnit, Vayner Media, Westwood Ventures, WGI Group and 500 Startups AlphaBoost was able to raise $1 million to scale the company’s science and engineering teams.

AlphaBoost is headquartered in New York City, New York. Its specialties include social advertising and digital marketing.