AdvantEdge HealthCare Solutions: Combining Billing Experience and Cutting-edge Technology to Create Outstanding Results

Founded in 1999, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS was established by seasoned individuals in the medical billing and healthcare information technology industry. The company serves a broad spectrum of clients including specialized physicians, medical billing firms and surgery centers. Through its outstanding services and products, AHS clients experience positive changes in their company such as enhanced net collection, increased productivity and declines in Accounts Receivable.

The company is unlike any other the medical industry has ever seen or heard of before, as it constructs and utilizes unique and cutting-edge medical billing technology in all of its projects. Hands-on medical billing experience is emanated immediately in every AHS software, using exceedingly reliable IBM’s System I machinery. Customers can automatically receive a rapid response amidst the ever-changing landscape of the industry while the AHS staff is fully-equipped when it comes to dealing with every client’s needs.

There is no doubt about AHS’ medical billing expertise as it boasts of several years of experience in the convoluted processes of hospital-based radiology practices, leading to substantial proficiencies in connecting hospital systems with medical billing software. As of this moment, AHS prides itself with the ability to code straight from anesthesiology, pathology, radiology and cardiology reports using a fusion of workflow technology and artificial intelligence – an example of how the company grew through the utilization of high-end technological solutions to boost billing productivity. Such vanguard practices have led to numerous investments by Safeguard Scientifics and Founders Equity, both of which focus on firms that transform the 21st century health care industry.

AHS’ unique combination of profound and up-to-the-minute medical billing methodology with state-of-the-art technology has paved the way for the improvement of medical billing services in a wide range of health care establishments. Operating on a highly trustworthy IBM system, AHS is able to provide outstanding medical billing capacities at a startlingly affordable cost.