ApoCell: Leading the Way in Biomarker Detection and Analysis

Recognized by the industry as one of the frontrunners of biomarker research, ApoCell is a firm that focuses on molecular biomarker identification and analysis in the fields of diabetes, drug development, molecular diagnostics and oncology. The company utilizes proprietary platforms in isolating and enriching cell populations, putting great emphasis on circulating tumor cells, circulating endothelial […]

Origen Biomedical: Tailoring Cutting-Edge Products to Fit Client Needs

A privately-held firm based in Austin, Texas, Origen Biomedical, Inc. manufactures medical equipment for the fields of cell biology, orthopedics and respiratory care. Its devices are utilized in a broad selection of medical studies including critical adult and pediatric respiratory medicine, stem cell transplantations and cancer research. Manned by engineers boasting of over 25 years […]

SCIO Health Analytics: Turning Data to Power

SCIO Health Analytics is a healthcare analytics services firm that assists large care management institutions, health plan companies and pharmacy benefit managers cut down costs, minimize waste and abuse, augment health efficiency and outcomes, and boost revenues through outstanding products and services. At SCIO Health Analytics, scores of experience on unleashing the might of data […]

MediRevv: The Health Care Industry’s Leading Revenue Cycle Management Company

MediRevv is a health care firm that operates revenue cycle management systems, operating alongside physician groups, health care institutions and academic medical centers. The company firmly believes that the gamut for patient care should extend far beyond the treatment in a certain establishment, all the way to the moment when they have already paid their […]

Intellect Resources: Speaking the Language of Health Care Information Technology

Established in 1999 and based in Greensboro, North Carolina, Intellect Resources is exclusively committed to hiring highly-skilled IT individuals and offering ingenious and all-encompassing resource solutions for the healthcare information technology market including consulting, recruiting and hiring services and personnel. Through the years, Intellect Resources has begun adding attuned, quality services that support its niche […]

Quincy Bioscience: Supporting Brain Health, Improving Lives

A biotechnology firm, Quincy Bioscience focuses on the research and development as well as the commercialization of innovative technologies that support cerebral function and counteract cognitive degenerative disorders such as memory impairment. The firm’s operations revolve around maintaining and improving cognitive health and memory. Established in the fall of 2004 in the University Research Park […]

Doctors Administrative Solutions: Simplifying EHR and Enhancing Physician Productivity

Founded in 2003 by CEO David Shlaifer, Doctors Administrative Solutions (DAS) was borne out of a belief that physicians make up the backbone of an efficient and effective health care system. The company is committed to assisting private practice doctors stay independent by operating more cost-effective and beneficial business practices. DAS implements Aprima Electronic Health […]

The ESPN Story

What is the effect of a big name? Besides instant recognition, major companies might produce a kind of blind spot in some people; we hear the brand so much, we see proof their products and services so frequently, that we don’t stop to consider their history. Behind every major success are unique methods and interesting […]

AdvantEdge HealthCare Solutions: Combining Billing Experience and Cutting-edge Technology to Create Outstanding Results

Founded in 1999, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS was established by seasoned individuals in the medical billing and healthcare information technology industry. The company serves a broad spectrum of clients including specialized physicians, medical billing firms and surgery centers. Through its outstanding services and products, AHS clients experience positive changes in their company such as […]