David Jorgensen and Katun Corporation – Market Leaders in Color Printing Supplies

A longtime innovator in the consumer-driven technology sphere, David Jorgensen helped establish Katun Corporation in 1979. The firm quickly emerged as a leader in the alternative OEM-manufacturer office equipment supply sector. By the time of the Katun’s sale to private equity investors in 2002, Mr. Jorgensen’s company was a $350 million enterprise. Throughout the 1980s […]

PRN: The Leading Omega Nutritional Supplement Company

In the cutthroat industry of manufacturing and selling nutritional supplements, PRN stands tall, with its unparalleled line of products, as well as expert recommendations from world-renowned doctors and medical leaders. PRN, which stands for Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, is a health company that sells one-of-a-kind Omega 3 nutritional supplements and products, developed by highly knowledgeable and […]

Ambrosia Treatment Center: The Rehabilitation Facility That Is Unlike Any Other

The mission of the Ambrosia Treatment Center is clear: to provide advanced levels of client-centered, research-supported and result-oriented care to assist the suffering and sick drug and alcohol-dependent individuals begin their journey towards recovery in a comfortable, nurturing and respectful environment. Named after the Greek word for the “nectar of the gods” which symbolized eternal […]

Off the Net, In the Court

In the decades preceding the boom of the Internet and the rapid creation of review sites and blogs, companies and professionals expanded reputations through different types of currency. Their successes dotted the pages of newspapers and publications that arrived at the homes of relevant audiences, and they participated in industry organizations that bolstered their influence […]

Symons Ambulance: the Ambulance Company That’s Unlike Any Other

With an aim to become a top provider of individualized pre-hospital care and solutions to its clients while delivering high-quality services, unparalleled professionalism and cutting-edge medical care, Symons Ambulance, is no doubt unlike any other ambulance companies the world has ever seen before. Founded 20 years ago in Bishop, California as a 911-provider, Symons Ambulance […]

Forward Health: Connecting Brands to Health-conscious Consumers

Forward Health owns and operates a series of websites that center around several health concerns, and features medically-reviewed health information, content and videos. All of the company’s websites provide collaborative marketing opportunities for its customers’ brands. The websites feature medically-sound content written and reviewed by health care professionals and medical researchers. The company’s management team […]

Look, Perform and Feel Better with Complete Nutrition

An upmarket chain of nutritional supplement retail stores, Complete Nutrition helps individuals to look better, perform better and feel better every single day. Founded in 2004, Complete Nutrition is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the entire United States. The company eliminates the high-pressure sales atmosphere and clutter of conventional nutritional supplement shops […]