InDemand Interpreting: Dissolving Language Barriers in Just a Matter of Seconds

InDemand Interpreting is a pioneering innovator in delivering Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services to numerous hospitals, clinics and other health care institutions. The company makes use of a perfect balance between individualized software, full-bodied hardware and call center-grounded interpreters to provide cutting-edge language services solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity of health care establishments, reduce […]

Mariposa Medspa: Physical Revitalization at Its Safest

Recognizing the need for safe physical revitalization, Mariposa Medspa is a cutting-edge facility that offers medical programs under the direct management and guidance of a licensed physician. It specializes in non-surgical body contouring and skin rejuvenation services. Headquartered in Oklahoma, the medical spa utilizes intensified pulsed light technology and lasers in addition to its wide […]

Clinipace Worldwide: Pioneering Technology-augmented Contract Research Services

Clinipace Worldwide is global digital corporation that specializes on clinical research services and registries for pharmaceutical and medical equipment firms. As a worldwide contact research organization focusing on digital technology, it focuses on providing a full range of innovative drug development services and medical device development systems to science firms, from the initial phase down […]

Resource Environmental Solutions: The Nation’s Trusted Ecological Offset Provider

Resource Environmental Solutions provides ecological offsets across United States. Whether their client is planning to build a chemical plant, a gas pipeline, a school or a road, this company will ensure that their restoration requirements are supplied in a cost-effective and timely manner. Resource Environmental Solutions balances resolute stewardship of the nation’s ecosystem with generating […]

Great Ecology: Solves Ecological Issues by Design

An environmental consulting company that focuses on planning, design and restoration of natural and urban environments using sustainable solutions, Great Ecology integrates science and architecture in solving complicated ecological challenges and achieving business, environmental and social objectives. Founded in 2001, Great Ecology has been providing its clients with superior environmental consulting services by way of […]

Cadence Research and Consulting: What Made Them Click

Cadence Research and Consulting is a one-of-a-kind health care marketing firm that empowers its clients by way of greater awareness, knowledge and insights of the markets they involve themselves with. The company focuses on three critical areas: evidence-based strategic consulting, market research and meeting planning. By working closely with their clients and focusing on an […]

Patient Conversation Media, Inc.: At the Forefront of the Health Care Industry’s Digital Evolution

A technology-driven media corporation focused on the health care industry’s digital evolution, Patient Conversation Media is dedicated to designing and implementing solutions that enhance effectiveness and efficiency of communication between health care providers and their patients, with an aim to reduce health care delivery expenditures by 5%. The company’s content-as-service, cloud-based platform powers its websites, […]

Consolidated Waste Management: Providing Cost-effective Solutions to Waste Management Problems

Led by knowledgeable, skilled as well as experienced waste industry professionals, Consolidated Waste Management (CWM) is a company that offers, environmentally-responsible, efficient and effective waste management solutions and consultation services to all kinds of companies, organizations and individuals. It also caters to equipment needs, offers repairs and installations and lends temporary storage containers for construction […]

Safe Site: Subsurface Utility Engineering At Its Best

Founded in 2005 by Guy and Diane McIntosh in Windsor, Colorado, Safe Site Inc. is an environmental company that provides services that involve subsurface utility engineering, locating and protecting utility lines for public safety, hydro-excavation and other utility-associated environmental cleanup, excavation and extraction matters. At Safe Site, Inc., everybody believes that a well-established and efficacious […]