Between Organizations and Members, A Receptive Ear

While numerous companies serve customers directly, still many others act as the middleman between the business and its clients. These companies may support a variety of operational areas, from staffing to corporate accounting. Inalink, a noted member relations firm, founded to assist organizations in strengthening their performance, member satisfaction, and promotion. The firm maintains a […]

Financial Services Technology Start-up Receives $1.5 Million in Funding

In 2012, we have the gift of information, as well as the widespread emphasis on accountability that it creates. Business and individuals now understand that their professional and personal lives are inextricably linked to their online records. Rather than hoping their clients will spread the word of their services to friends and relatives, entrepreneurs hope […]

For One Law Firm, Clients Are Billboards

Advertisements for law firms are everywhere. They appear on late night television commercials, urging car accident victims to call and pursue the compensation they deserve. They whiz by on buses, boasting expertise in workplace injury. They show up on pop-up ads, targeting people who are navigating a divorce. With so many advertisements for so law […]

Intuitive Surgical: The Global Leader in Robotic-assisted Surgeries

The idea of having robots assist in surgical operations is nothing more than a flight of fancy until 1999, when Intuitive Surgical released the da Vinci Surgical System. This robot provides surgeons with premium 3D high-definition visualization, improved dexterity, ergonomic ease and superior precision, enabling them to accurately perform complicated procedures such as cancer and […]