Ossur: Keeping People Mobile for Over Forty Years

Ossur, a company that manufactures bracing and support, prosthetics, and compression therapy, is a global frontrunner in the field orthopedics. It makes use of the most brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies that help create lives without limitations by providing people with effective solutions to their mobility issues. Ossur was founded in 1971 by Ossur Kristinsson, […]

In Real Estate, A Delicate Balance Necessary

In the real estate acquisition, conversion, and management realm, many factors come into play, and success the field requires a deep attention to all aspects. Too much focus on the exterior architectural aspects, for instance, may draw necessary attention from necessary infrastructural factors. Later on down the line, a group must craft a careful balance […]

When Different Conditions Apply, More Voices Heard

When it comes to the legal arena, many consumers and businesses look towards firms founded on ethical, versus profit-driven practice. Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLP, holds a reputation in its practice area for accepting cases against commercial ventures on full or partial contingent fees and frequently garners media attention for its successes in defense […]

The Wide Reach and Long History of O’Melveny & Myers

O’Melveny & Myers LLP, a global legal firm with presence in the United States, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, maintains a number of practice arenas and thrives under the leadership of seasoned attorneys. O’Melveny & Myers LLP founded in 1885 under a different title and adopted its current namesake by 1939. As time advanced, the […]

Digital Sky Technologies: Europe’s Largest Investment Firm

In starting a business, money is always a problem. Most founders of start-up companies already know which direction would they want to take, but unfortunately, not everyone shares the same vision. That is why a handful of entrepreneurs choose to invest their own money. Others seek angel investors – affluent individuals or organizations who provide […]

ServiceNow’s Offers Support Desk for Multinationals

Ever since corporations transitioned to using technology in the workplace, work efficiency hit an all-time high. However, the adaptation of technology also caused some problems, specifically in troubleshooting modern equipment. This opened a new niche in the tech industry – information technology support services. ServiceNow quickly responded and established a Web-based IT service desk for […]