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With a proliferation of consumers utilizing the Internet, looking good online has never been of more critical importance. Companies large and small spend billions of dollars annually enhancing their online image, ensuring they reach target customers through attractive websites with user-friendly e-commerce features. Companies also pursue Web-based marketing strategies through pay-per-click links, banner ads, and email campaigns. This proliferation of online marketing strategies comes at a price: Internet consumers are increasingly inundated with companies selling them products and services, tuning most of them out.

In addition, it is often difficult to weed out legitimate businesses from those with less-than-scrupulous approaches. Whether through Yelp reviews or TripAdvisor reports, unscrupulous firms try to skew perceptions to favor their own company, while demoting and defaming competitors. Consumer Case looks past the hype and examines the value proposition that businesses present, capturing their underlying and intrinsic qualities.

Consumer Case is dedicated to featuring companies that offer products and services of quality and integrity, which may be lost among the multitude of online firms purporting to offer consumer value. Highlighted firms offer a variety of products or services, from widget suppliers to online seminars in widget-making. Consumer Case also highlights practitioners in the legal, medical, and financial spheres who have gained recognition for extending customers the highest levels of courtesy, responsiveness, and care. The businesses we feature are unified in placing the wants of the clients, customers, and patients they serve first. Consumer Case strives to disseminate information about companies and practices that really matter and deserve to reach a wider consumer base.


  • Spectranetics Corp.: Promoting Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Procedures

    A healthy cardiovascular system translates to a healthier quality of life. Remaining to be at the core of our existence, there is an increasing market for cardiovascular tools and equipment to maintain a healthy heart. As more and more people suffer from cardiovascular-related diseases, companies like Spectranetics also continue to innovate the products intended for cardiovascular use.

    The offerings of the company produce measurable results for both medical practitioners and their patients. While more procedures are becoming minimally invasive, these techniques and procedures still require highly sophisticated equipment and tools to be carried out. The products of Spectranetics remain to

  • Silgan Holdings: Providing Quality Packaging

    To increase the shelf life of food and other perishable items, it requires rigid packaging that won’t let bacteria and air get in. In the United States, one of the trusted producers of these packaging is Silgan Holdings, Inc.

    The company is listed as an international packaging company that offers its products to almost every corner of the world. Look around your house and you would likely find one of the products created by the company. It could be the cap of your ketchup bottle, the cover of your mason jar or that lid on your easy open can of

  • SemGroup Corp: Producing, Storing and Moving Energy Across the World

    The operations in the oil and gas industry require a lot of coordination and participation from different divisions. One of the basic needs in the industry is the transportation of the raw materials they collected. Before the products in the oil and gas industry can be processed into usable energy, these are transported to facilities and other locations away from the drilling sites. Companies, like SemGroup Corp, provide these moving services.

    Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol SEMG, SemGroup moves energy safely through their network of pipelines, storage